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Businesses from all over the country have used Daniel and his company to help motivate their employees toward healthier lifestyle changes, injury prevention.  stress reduction methods, and one of our most popular, the safety self defense seminars. He has worked successfully with large corporations, Churches, Firefighters, Law Enforcement Officers, schools and many more! If your business or group could use some motivation or a safety plan, Call Daniel for your event today!

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Having the right personality on the job makes a difference

Daniel has been able to offer his insightful view to many different organizations across the country. He has spoke for youth groups, church groups and others. Anyone who is looking to better their lives and encourage themselves and their group to be a better, well rounded and successful person, should consider having Daniel be apart of your event. He will leave you feeling encouraged and motivated to move forward, not held back by your past.


Dan has the unique ability to inspire confidence, courage and hope in people. His vivacious spirit and caring personality draws people to him to seek guidance, strength and hope. His fast paced, entertaining and informative way of delivering information keep you interested and engaged from start to finish. Daniel provides insporation and motivation as well as the contents needed to put into action what is being presented.

Daniel's speaking engagements

What can Daniel do for you?

Daniel can motivate your group no matter what it is. If you are looking for a motivational speaker, Daniel is your guy. Daniel is a self created guy that managed to work his way up from a low income begining to an man who owns his own businesses, has written a novel, developed a game and traveled the country as a professional drummer. All of this has been accomplished through his own hard work and learned ability to finish what you start. He is excellent at communicating the what it takes to become successful and see your goals fullfiled. Let him motivate your group today!




Speaker, Second Degree Black Belt Krav Maga Instructor, CQC instructor.

Author, Game Designer, Personal Trainer, EMT, BLS, and First Aid Instructor

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